Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Timeline of a speedpaint - part 7

This is the major detailing pass on the focus structure, and I also neatened up a few little areas in the composition that were annoying me. Overall, I'm getting ready to move onto the foreground here, but I'm just cleaning up a few things that need my attention before I can.

This main structure needs the most details because of a phenomenon I like to call 'Contrast of density' - that is, most dense details in one section than the surrounding sections. This, like most forms of contrast, will draw our attention to the area that's different and stands out, and give us more to look at. Another form of contrast I want to do more of is something I've mentioned earlier - the contrast of angular lines against the largely horizontal and vertical lines that surround the structure. To this end, I add pipes and struts, which also helps improve how interesting the silhouette is, another powerful feature.

A big thing that's been really annoying me, too, is how convenient the composition of the area around the path is - it's just a wide open area that allows us to see most of the path, and that feels too arranged, too fake. To combat this, I work in another two layers of rocky features, covering up large sections of the path, trying to make sure I don't make any tangents with the details of the path, the rocky features behind the path, or the rocky features in the very foreground. Overlapping layers feels great - a more natural, candid way to present a scene, and it also covers up that large stretch of bright value that was a little distracting.

Finally I work on some of the rocky features framing the city - both those in the foreground, and the feature behind it. There's nothing major to talk about here, I was just trying to clean up some of the duller and more rough parts to get rid of any bits that I didn't like the look of. You can see there's a tangent here, between the foreground rock, where it juts out about 3/4 of the way up, and the rocky feature behind, one that's been here for the last few passes. This is something I fixed in the next pass.

The way the silhouette of the main focal structure is about how I want it now - detailed enough to draw my eye, and interesting enough to form a cool silhouette. The next pass has me pushing these details all further back into the distance, in order to start thinking about adding a human element, and giving a bit of a story to the scene.

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